Oumie spreading her wings


American recording artiste Oumie is currently promoting her latest single, ‘ Excuse Me’.

The song talks about telling the guy that his time has expired and she is no longer wasting her time. The track was released last December on all social media platforms and has been doing well in Europe, while trending in the top charts. The accompanying music video has also been seen numerous views on YouTube. The song has an oriental vibe, as she continues to try a new music and sound.

“Music is a language that everyone can understand, and I look forward to sharing more music in the days to come,” said Oumie.

“When you make music, you’re forming these invisible vibrations in the air into different shapes and consistencies and speeds … and understanding how the math of that works just gives you more colours to paint with and allows you to get to what you want quicker,” she added.

The artiste wants to broaden her horizons to let her music be heard globally, but especially in Jamaica.


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